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  Arrived the Christmas festival again, similar to usually, local scholars come out to oppose the Chinese in succession again recently over" Christmas festival", the many people emphasizes the Christmas festival again and again again western is a religious sex festival, is a family day, the person wants to meet together together at western this whole family of.

  I have to say; the medium, public opinion discuss these to have annually what use? Who like the quilt to observe a festival compulsory?We have another that kind of the festival that take the whole family member as the topic return little? Say a conveniently, I not am to oppose the reunited traditional festival of whole family, but all the year round, must have so how many days, stay is happy for ourselves a joy? The Christmas festival gave us a reason at the right moment- Can and favorite friend's party, can manage to keep the spirit strongly shopping, can revel to idle away in seeking pleasure all night.

  All things are sell at a discount, all hotels hang full decorate, the street light is bright, bar in again and again sow" Christmas Eve" I feel that the Christmas festival gave everyone is a festival that without sense of responsibility, we can think the oneself very young, imitate the buttha and returned to 18 years old ……

  If you think that you really can't lead a Christmas festival with obsequious to foreigners praise ocean, that relaxs the point rather, take it as a relaxed" the shopping stanza"!

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